My Experience with Photography

I have always loved photography and it has always been a big part of my life through documenting my family, friends and pets, recording my travels and experiences and experimenting with more creative and artistic approaches. Photography has the ability to transcend time, transporting its viewers to another time or place.  It can communicate the feeling of a setting or atmosphere and capture the essence of a subject though its way of showing subtleties that can be hard to articulate. Such a powerful medium, it has the ability to transform the way people see the world through the particular emotions a photo can elicit. This allows artists to share their own unique perspectives and experiences with the world. This particularly is the reason I love photography because it is a fantastic story telling medium. Being a film student I have a strong interest in story telling and communicating different ideas and perspectives through a visual means.  I love creating my own stories with pictures or interpreting an artists work. I think it is amazing that an image can have so much depth.  It can acquire infinite meaning though simulating a variety of different responses from its audience depending on the viewer’s own individual experiences.

While I have worked a fare bit with cameras in film I haven’t had much experience with digital photography specifically. Although I have experimented with different modes using a digital camera I have mostly remained within its automatic capabilities.  As a result I have not progressed further into the more manual techniques of digital photography. My experience with dark room photography in year 10 briefly introduced me to photographic terms such as exposure, aperture, and f-stop but never have I fully understood their effect and the possibilities they provide, neither have I had the opportunity to experiment and explore their potential. I am looking forward to learning and exploring new photographic skills and techniques throughout this course and hope it provides an opportunity for me to share my own perspective and ideas with others in a creative way.