Research Project- Artist Investigation



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For my photography presentation I have been looking at Australian Visual Artist Tracey Moffatt and her many photographic works. Tracey Moffatt works with many different mediums including film and photography. I first came across her work when I saw her exhibition Narratives in 2011. The exhibition explores Moffatt’s interest the history of cinema with most of her art practice navigating between the still and the moving image. As a film student I find her work resonates with me as Moffatt’s background in film provides her a tendency to work in ways akin to filmmaking in many of her photographic projects. Often she will not take her pictures instead she employs technicians, allowing her to step back and act as a director and instructs both actors and photographers. She frequently features as the central character in much of her work and needs to hire technicians in order to capture what she visions. The above image is one of Moffatt’s well-known images titled Self- portrait and is an example of the types of images she often produces. Moffatt portrays herself as the central character against a painted backdrop with vibrant, bright colours. 


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