Something More Series





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Tracey Moffatt’s “Something More” series presents images that are notably lush, cinematic colour pictures. It’s melodramatic staging evokes old 1950’s B-grade movie stills, exploring the cliché image of the “Fallen woman”. While there is no defined narrative in her work, a story unfolds though the use of characters, gestures and mis-scen-cene that generate suspense and trigger emotion.

Image one which is shown above is one of Moffatt’s most recognised images not only from this particular series but for most of her photographic artwork. It operates as the establishing shot with the protagonist played by Moffatt herself at the forefront. Her upward gaze into the distance and clasped hands convey the characters desperation and longing for something more. Her bright red dress, red lips and earrings overstate desire for passion but also allude to forthcoming aggression, violence and blood. The stories five other characters appear in the background on either side of her creating a claustrophobic atmosphere that communicates the protagonists emotions, emphasising her desire to escape.


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