Panorama Final Image



For our assessment, my partner Corinne and I decided to reflect life concept through colours using unrelated still life objects. We wanted to use this idea to explore something a bit more abstract than a typical landscape panorama. The photographs achieve this through the use of different strengths of colours. My flower photograph has used colour to portray emotion as the tallest flower has the deepest, strongest colour and as the flower gradually falls apart the colour slowly fades and weakens. We have overcome technical problems while merging the images for this photograph as every time it would distort but in the end we succeeded in creating a philosophical flower panorama titled ‘Falling Through Time’. Corinne created an image of jars that went from largest to smallest with the smallest holding the strongest and most intense colour and the largest holding the weaker and most diluted colour; this creates the title ‘Half Empty or Half Full’ and refers to the common expression “is the glass half empty or half full?” when looking at positive or negative aspects of life.  The photographs were generated to provoke questions and thoughts about life and whether or not the audience is making the most of what they are given in life. The audience should feel humbled by the photographs and take their meanings to a personal and reflective level.


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