Research Presentation- Stephan Wilkes

Stephan Wilkes is another interesting artist that I was introduced to through watching the research presentations. Wilkes is an American Photographer that is well known for his aerial photography.

I was absolutely amazed by his Day to Night series which demonstrates how photographs can be merged in Photoshop to create incredible images.  His Day and Night series features single images of various locations that capture the passing of the day. Wilkes took aerial photographs of American cities and blend them together in Photoshop.

The Flatiron, NYC:


Image Source: I love how the center of the building is used to divide the image into day and night and the headlights of cars become long streaks as they across the image on the night side.

Coney Island:


Image Source:

Here Wilkes has also divided the image into sections and used lines to separate day and night, adding more interest to the image.


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