Common Theme- Fairy Tale Research

This week I have focused on developing ideas for my common theme assignment. This has involved a lot of research into many different versions of fairy tales.  The history of fairy tales has dated back to the late 17th century so there are many different variations. Originally, adults were the indented audience of fairy tales but in the 19th and 20th centuries fairy tales became associated with children literature.


Disney and Brothers Grimm versions:

Fairy tales have provided a rich source of inspiration for Disney.  These versions are more innocent as they are aimed at children. They deal with idealism and imagination that build a positive outlook to life that dreams can come true. While Bothers Grimm versions are much more darker, dealing with sadistic villains abuse, death and neglect.


Disney version defines characters as good and bad. It tells the story of a poor young woman who lives with her evil stepmother and stepsisters after the death of her father. She is kind and has a strong friendship with the animals occupying the house. With the help of her fairy godmother she attends a ball and falls in love with a prince before running home to make her curfew. In the end he rescues her and they live happily ever after. The Brother’s Grimm version is a similar tale but involves much more violence and mistreatment. Cinderella is a slave in the household who endures harsh abuse and cruelly. The stepsisters are punished for mistreatment, having their eyes pecked out by birds at Cinderella’s wedding. 


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Snow White:

Both versions of Snow White are similar but in the Brother’s Grimm version, the Queen orders a Huntsman to kill Snow White and bring back her liver and lungs instead of her heart. In this version, the Huntsman still fails to kill Snow White but instead brings back a boar’s insides that the Queen boils and eats thinking they are Snow Whites. In the Disney version Snow White is brought back to life by a prince who kisses her but in the Brother’s Grimm version the prince finds Snow White dead. He thinks she is beautiful and wants her. Snow White is woken after the glass coffin is knocked moving it to his castle and the poison apple is dislodged from her throat. The Brother’s Grimm version the Queen is punished by waring red hot ion shoes at Snow Whites wedding. She is forced to dance in the shoes until she eventually dies.


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