Assessment 3- Theme Series


Lees_Rachael_Assesment3_Image_2_Little_Red_Riding Hood


Lees_Rachael_Assesment3_Image_4_Alice_ in_ Wonderland

Lees_Rachael_Assesment3_Image_5_Beauty_ and_ the_ beast


The idea for my theme was to reflect imagination and dreams through surrealism. I have used surrealism as a reference to dreams in which “everything you can imagine is real”. In each frame the characters are somehow suspended in a dreamlike world entwined with subtle hints to fairytale stories. I chose to reference fairytales because they are so often a rich source of inspiration for our creative minds and imagination but which predominantly only tend to fuel our imaginative journey during our childhood. My idea explores the way in which we unconsciously visit imagined memories and experiences in our dreams. This is achieved through portraying the characters in dream like states, visiting fantasies they might have created as children. By using older characters and levitating them in mid-air in many of the images, I wanted to portray the state in which we enter the twilight of adolescence, caught between the real and imagined world of our unconscious and conscious minds. This is further achieved through the reference of fairytales such as, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast and Little Red Riding Hood, which all explore this perplexing transition from child to adult usually with the characters emerging transformed by an extraordinary experience. I have overcome technical problems while merging the images as many of the photographs had to be taken separately due to weather conditions and the availability of the talents. The photographs were generated to provoke questions about the significance of our dreams on our creative psyche and whether the audience is neglecting an important part of their lives without attempting to understand their meaning. The viewer should emerge humbled by the images and take their meanings to a personal and contemplative level.


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